100 Herbivores


Thanks to all of you out there posting, reposting, and sharing Herbivore with your family and friends. Through Facebook and WordPress, Herbivore has gained just over 100 followers (103 to be precise) in only 2 weeks!! This is amazing . . . I never imagined there would be such a positive response.

My favorite comment so far is: “Dylan’s Grandma told me she loves your blog”. Well, I love Grandmas too!!

My Grandmother Leona Mills was my first food inspiration. For years she was the Food Maven writing a column for the Jewish Journal newspaper in Florida where I grew up, and going over to grandma’s house for dinner was always a treat!! When I became vegetarian at the young age of 11, she supported my decision by collecting all of her vegetarian recipes into my own personal Leona Mills cookbook.

This is only the start of of what hopefully will be an amazing adventure . . . and I am glad you all are coming along for the ride.


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