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My Tree House Green Library for Kids


The next generation will be the ones who not only learned to live a sustainable lifestyle, but hopefully have grown up that way, and do not know their are other alternatives. Places like this new My Tree House Green Library for Kids in Bras Baseh, Singapore are an important tool in teaching children how to live a sustainable lifestyle, but more importantly they make that learning FUN!!

My Tree House Library is the first in the world to use principles of green design in almost every area, including energy-efficient LED lighting, refurbished bookshelves, recycled building materials and carpets, and low VOC paints and adhesives.

The-Knowledge-Tree copy

Interactive Knowledge Tree game at The My Tree House Green Library for Kids

The library houses a vast collection of 45,000 books , 30% of these books are focused on green living topics such as animals, plants, nature, water resources, weather, environment, recycling and climate change. Other green activities includes green themed programs  focusing on storytelling sessions, eco-friendly workshops for creating games and crafts,  and library tours for schools to increase environmental education and outreach. It features multi-sensory hands-on sustainable exhibits such as  the Knowledge Tree shadow play wall, where a magical tree grows. The interactive  Knowledge Tree (shown to the left) asks kids questions about environmental awareness and energy conservation, and the kids answer using his or her shadow. Correct answers will cause the enchanted forest to flourish, but with incorrect answers the forest will wither.

I would have loved to run around a place like this when I was a child. Truthfully, I probably still would . . .